Monday, April 26, 2010

Been busy..

I haven't forgotten bout this blog.. don't worry.. :D Just having quite a busy schedule this semester considering all the classes, projects, things happening in and around me. Took some photo jobs along the way and some for fun photos but mostly did not have the luxury of editing and posting. Well, its exam week now, stressful and tiring.

It was lightning one after another after me and my family had dinner. Yes I was tired after the hactic and stressful exams today. The lightning was perfect for me to get away from everything for a while. Grab all photography stuff I have, head out, grab a stool, setup the shoot and sit there to wait for the moment. Well this was my first lightning attempt - more of experimenting with focus and settings. Here were some shots.

p/s : Also a shot I took from Taman Sahabat.. :D

Shot with EOS 40D

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