Wednesday, December 16, 2009

First Try Setting Up and Shooting Droplets

Well, I think almost any photographer will have attempted or thought of attempting droplets photography. It is fun indeed. After seeing several home studio setup meant for shooting droplets, we tried to make our own. The setup was done by the window assisted with 2 flashes and lights coming in from the window. Green basin and lots of water. Here are the shots. By the way.. how can anyone not love photography.. :D

Shots made with Canon EOS 40D

Its been a while...

Yes I know.. Its been a while since the blog is updated. Many reason to it. Mainly the 40d batt went dead and had to purchase a new phottix Titan.. Loving it. Great batt. Ok to keep the blog going, here are some unseen shots from the collection. Plan is to shoot sun rise at Puncak Borneo and Buntal maybe within this week. So, stay tuned.. :D

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