Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Photography Assignment

So here at last, the photography class assignment was out. We had a discussion among other students in the class with the lecturer himself trying to choose a genre for the assignment in the week before.. After taking into consideration various photos from everyone, we ended up having 3 sub genres to narrow down our shots. They are Shadow or Silhouette, Animal and also Close up....

Was very worried about close up as we do not have macro lens to play with.. the closest we can get is to shoot wide using 50mm to eliminate the back and cropping it down to make it look like a close up. blah blah blah.. leave that behind first..

So we are suppose to show our shots this week before actually handing them in. Me and my wife had an outing just to focus on silhoutte. We went to pangkalan sapi and also pantai puteri at around 5.30pm till 7.00pm.. The sky wasnt as expected.. Not very nice as it was a lil hazy. Well ended up with a few photos to show.. and here they are..

Another outing will be done this weekend hopefully... Friends who would like to join, can leave me a pm here.. More is always much more fun when it comes to shooting.. haha..

Photographer : Fauzi @ intruxion and Aya @ desire
Camera : Canon EOS 450D

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Permai Outing in the rain..

Went for an outing with my wife, Albird, Ckin, Bruce and his gf.. It was a sudden plan. which means nothing was planned.. haha.. It was raining cats and dogs and yes.. we suddenly thought of CAMP PERMAI!!.. what a great idea!!.. rain?? who cares.. haha.. so it was phone here phone there and ended up 6 of us going.. Packed my belongings and camera and woooffff... we were on our way.. By the time we reached kampung Buntal, our minds started to doubt our plan.. haha.. but what the heck... we're half way there... so the unplanned plan went on.. We figured that we were going to be alone on the beach as it was stilllllllll raining cats and dogs..

Upon reaching.. we saw plenty of cars at the car park.. yes.. signs of many more insane people playing and swimming in the rain.. haha.. and when we stepped on the beach.. there it was... tonnnneeesss of people there... dancing in the rain.. bathing like crazy.. surfing wanabe like crazy too.. haha

So i didnt take many pictures.. dont blame me yet... it was raining.. i was on a beach... near salty water.. and worst of all.. i do not have a drybox.. DANGER!!.. i will get one 2moro.. haha.. but i do snap some.. here they are.. :)

Photographer : intruxion @ Fauzi
Gear : Canon EOS 450D | 18-55mm | 50mm | Di622

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