Saturday, August 29, 2009

My UnCLe'S KonVo

At last.. its finally done for our dearest uncle, Suhaimi.. or.. Pekmi.. :D.. congratulations!!!!... Dun forget to belanja us on ur first gaji.. :D.. Well.. back to the story. Our family from JB came down to Kuching for the first time ever to witness Pekmi's konvo day. Was very happy cause at last they come down to Kuching. Its also a great opportunity to get to know better our father's side's family. Its sad that I'm not very much exposed to my father's side family. It was way back when my late grand dad passed away.. when i was in form 3, if I am not mistaken. Its been more then 10 years now, and yes, thats how long I haven't met my dad's side's family. My cousin Saiful.. the last time i met him was when he was still small running around my late grand dad house. Now we have all grown up. Its kinda sad that I didnt get to meet them more often for the past 10 years or more. But yet I am glad that at last i get to meet Mak Usu, Pak Usu, Saiful, Kak Long, Ajis, Pak Jul and his wife. Really glad... Next will by my father's side elders auntie and all my other cousins. Hope to meet them at last too.. Here are some pictures that I have processed during their visit.

(Not all pics processed yet.. More later maybe)

p/s : Some pics are tries with strobing and lighting.. hehe.. cant help trying photography techniques when the camera is in our hands..:D

Photographer : Fauzi @ intruxion and desire @ Aya

Monday, August 3, 2009

Massive Glow In The Dark DUN..

Ok.. Kuching is now topic all over Malaysia. Why not? Its August... and like they say.. BULAN BERPESTA!!... Many things going on during this month. And well, everyone knows one of the major happenings is the opening of Kuching's new Dewan Undangan Negeri DUN which is located on the banks of the Sarawak River opposite Kuching Waterfront. Events such as fireworks, boat parade as well as local craft bazaar accompanied the grand opening of the massive "glow in the dark" building. Was driving along the Gambier Road during the preparation and was lucky to get a parking space. Tripod in my car boot, dslr in my bag, DUN lights are all on, parade boat trying out their art on water, PERFECT!.. went down to get some shots of the massive DUN. Was not the only photographer doing so. Many others were also there. Here are some shots taken.

Photographer : Fauzi @ intruxion and Aya @ desire

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