Saturday, February 6, 2010

Pterinochilus Murinus (OBT)

Been waiting for it to come out. It's not that it is always unseen but when ever it comes out, me and my wife could not prep it for a shot nicely before it rush back into its cave. Fortunately today our dearest OBT is calm. Managed to take a few shots of it. Needed to use off board speedlite setting to optimize the lighting.

OBT or Orange Baboon Tarantula or Pterinochilus Murinus is a very aggresive tarantula. Not recommended for beginner. Those who want to buy tarantulas may contact me. :D

Here is our cutie..

Shot with Canon EOS 40D

Monday, February 1, 2010

Preparing Macro

I've never tried macro before. Although i tried water droplets, never the intention was to go macro. Well, my uni will have an exhibition on exotic pets this Wednesday. My wife and I are planning to exhibit our Tarantula, Star Tortoise as well as Golden Apple Snail. It would be fun. Exotic will also trigger me with macro shooting. I assume that it will be a macro heaven.. Many animals to shoot. Weird and odd looking animals. So during my trip to "Pasar Minggu" last weekend, we came across one guy selling bamboo since Chinese New Year is around the corner. I couldn't help noticing a tiny fly on one of his plants. It was oddly sitting still. Not much movement. Not even attempting to fly. I took out my slr and tried a test macro shot on it. Shot a few. and here is the best i got..

Shot with Canon EOS 40D
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