Friday, September 25, 2009

GrandMa's Birthday 2009

Grandma's birthday is back!. :D Had a small gathering at her place. Me and my family were late as we got to the gathering directly from our 12 hour drive down from Miri. Yes it was indeed tiring. But it was fun meeting alllllllll my niece and nephew. So cute. Anyways, very few pics were taken as we were late. But here goes.

Shots taken with Canon EOS 40D
Lens Tamron 18-200mm
Speedlight Nissin Di622

Raya of 2009

Raya mood everyone?? Yes ofcourse.. Although now thinking a lot about assignments and projects, Raya 09 is marvelous regardless all the worry about work in UNIMAS. This raya is very special to me and my wife as this is the first raya for us as husband and wife. Its great to have someone you love near you at a time like this. It just makes it so much more complete. This raya's plan was to celebrate first raya in kuching and then drive up to Miri on the second day. First day was indeed superb. Although not many visits cause dad and mom informed their friends that we are driving up to miri, but regulars and new friends from UNIMAS came. Thx guys.. U guys ROX!!.. haha.. Miri trip was tiring as always. But it was worst this time as Myvi was filled up to the max!. Bounce and bounce and bounce all the way..luckily we got out fenders cut off before the journey to avoid major knocking of the rims and car body. Miri was indeed fun. How can we not enjoy when both of our family gather together and celebrated the raya as a huge huge unit.. :D.. We had Tahlil early morning for our late grandma who just passed away. Raya in miri was also filled with funny moments looking at my sister in law, getting used to her new Myvi. She just got her license. Funny how she drives. :D kinda reminds me of the days driving my kancil my dad bought me after i got my license. Anyway, Keep Learning, Sis Jue.. :D..

Well.. Raya is far from over... ITS STILL ON!!!.. but i cant wait to post this. Since RAya is still on... prepare for more raya pics.. :D as well as grandma (Ah Ma)'s birthday photo.

Lastly, me and aya would like to wish everyone SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI and MAAF ZAHIR DAN BATIN. Thanks so much for following our photoblog. Keep Following ya.. :D

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