Sunday, January 25, 2009

Colors of Serikin

Saturday, 24th of January 2009, just 2 days before Chinese New Year. Woke up early that morning when my dad come knocking on my door saying "Serikin serikin.. " Sarawakians or those who ever been to Serikin will know what Serikin is. For the sake of those not knowing, its actually a market place which is located at the border of Malaysia (Sarawak) and Indonesia. That is the place where Indonesian come to sell things and where Malaysians can come shop them legally. Well some stuff are fairly cheap and Serikin is very well known for a destination for shopping especially during festive season.

So Chinese New Year is coming close. Since my mom is a Chinese, the family is certainly busy preparing for granny and aunts. Mom's curry and cooking is always the main target since mom prepares Halal food.. haha..So its curry and fried noodles for reunion and maybe some other food from my aunts and uncle. Cant wait for the "fish maw", my very favourite. Aunt Agnes always reserves one big bowl for me every reunion.. haha.. *blush*.

Well... enough of that, and back to the Serikin trip. Dad brought us there to buy some stuff since it had been quite long since the whole family go for a ride and enjoy the day together. His reason... "beli kuali".. ok reason accepted.. :).. So EOS 450D in the bag.. and ready to go.. When we reached the destination.. i was shocked to see how colorfull the place was.. everything was so rich in colors... Makes me so eager to snap a few pics here and there.. but i admit it was hard as the lighting at the area was so unconsistant. I was constantly changing aperature and iso settings to get the right representation of color in my snaps.. so here are the pictures taken.. enjoy colors.. :).. "gambar ya pak" :)

Photographer : intruxion @ Fauzi
Camera : Canon EOS 450D

"I love you, mom.. i love u, Aya, my wife.. and i love you dad, although you aren't in the picture.. :)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Rain + Kuching = Flood

Its all in the news these few days. Kuching is once again flooded all over.. In fact.. its not only Kuching that is badly flooded.. its all over Sarawak.. Its high time for the government to think about what is wrong with our drainage system. We cant blame nature for what is happening, its our own doing that cause this to happen. Glad that it wasn't as bad as few years back. I still remember, few years back, driving back home and caught in the jam on the Satok bridge over the Sarawak river.. every one was trying to rush back home.. Was really scary being on top of the bridge looking down at the flooded river with the current going crazy. Seeing all the jammed up cars make my mind run wild thinking when the bridge is going to collapse.. haha.. mind going wild.. Anyways, the flood this time brought me, my wife and my parents to my father's x school. he was the "guru besar" there before. he still loves the school so much.. during the flood few years back.. the school was badly flooded.. and guess what.. same old story this year.. my wife, Aya took some snaps while i was driving and watching around.. here are her shots..

Photographer : desire @ Aya
Camera : Canon EOS 450D

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Cold outside.. But I just cant ease my mind..

Its been raining where i live and its been raining for days in and out.. It sure is the best time to take a nap and have a deep sleep but something is just not right tonight.. Nothing to discuss much here.. So I guess, I just spend this scrambled night of mine blogging bout the few pics taken during an outing for a so called quick lunch.

So we were all tired and blur arranging and rearranging our subjects for the semester. Doing things over and over again trying to get the right combination without having to kill ourselves for the semester to come. After a tiring moment of SMP and subject transfer (again), we decided to go for a so called quick lunch. From coffee shop to fast food to laksa but ended up at Chicken Hartz.. Quick lunch eyy.. hehe.. So we gathered and ended up waiting for 2pm to grab our "quick lunch" cheaply (RM15) at Chicken Hartz. Makes me wonder actually, is it really worth it to spend eating at Chicken Hartz nowadays with their current rate of Rm17+? hmm..

Photographer : Fauzi @ intruxion
Camera : Canon EOS 450D

Monday, January 5, 2009

Doulos Trip

Was out the whole day with great pals of ours. Ended up visiting doulos for the second time just to buy another soduku book.. haha.. Well.. the books are cheap.. so why not.. Here are some pics taken during the visit..

Photographer : intruxion @ Fauzi
Camera : Canon EOS 450D
Location : Doulos

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