Monday, November 10, 2008

Waterfront Walk After Steamboat

You might now be thinking... is the title typed correctly? and the answer is YES. Me and my fiancee went to have a walk and bubble tea after having a massive 2 hr dinner at D11 steamboat.. haha.. with my tummy stuffed, i have a very unstable hands. coz already full.. haha. but anyway, took some pictures while walking. Most of them were shaky.. oni few were ok... here are among those which were ok..

Photographer : Fauzi @ intruxion
Camera : Canon EOS 450D

Kuching International Airport

Have always been fascinated bout the beauty of the Kuching International Airport. First day i got my 450D, me and my fiancee rushed up to the airport just to try out the power of dslr not knowing that the power will only unleash itself with the experience of the man behind the camera. Worst still, we were attempting night shots. And guess what? disaster ofcourse.. haha. But bout a month or two after that, we made few more trips there for various reasons but with the camera in hands. And heres one of the shots. You be the judge.. :)

Photographer : Fauzi @ intruxion
Camera : Canon EOS 450D

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Mom brought back some durians.. I was having tummy ache.. OMG.. not the right time to get a tummy ache... so what more can i do? 450D nearby.. haha.. havent got the chance to snap the havoc at the pasar malam.. :)

Photographer : Fauzi @ intruxion
Camera : Canon 450D
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