Monday, July 13, 2009

40D.. WOW!

After handling the hactic UTM trip, me and my wife had planned to drive to Miri for the week. We turned down MAP, packed our bags and drove to Miri... just the two of us. The journey was scary (haha), as our parents in Kuching gave the wrong info bout bad road conditions. Instead of telling the road we should avoid, they made us drove into the road under construction.. scary as our fuel was only a bar to empty when we finally reached Sibu. But it was fun anyway.. :D..

Reached Miri on the same day. Got a Canon EOS 40D deal in Miri as well, sacrifising my 50mm as well as 450D to get that semi pro body. Didnt know if it was worth it at first. After the trade, i was blur with the settings everywhere as the manual was in Japanese. Slowly tried here and there and ended up getting quite used to the camera on the second day. Unfortunately the LCD saturated preview was unlike my previous 450d. Thats one thing i m trying to learn to stick with till today. After setting the 40D roughly, it was time to have some test shots. What better shots then sunset in Miri Esplanade... Brought everyone at home (My bro and sis in laws) to fetch another sis in law at school, and then we headed to our fav place, Miri Esplanade. Here are the first few shots of the 40D.. :D

My final words, WORTH EVERY SINGLE CENT... pics came out priceless.. :D

Photographer : intruxion @ Fauzi
Gears : Canon EOS 40D | Nissin Di622 | Tamron 18-200mm

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